CADAVER "The World Under Terror" CD

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Album Description EBRCD001

Band : Cadaver
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Genre : Death Metal
Title : The World Under Terror
Release Date : October 29th, 2014

1.Internal War Beyond the Dying Cosmic
2.Selamat Datang Akhir Dunia (feat Vera Ex-Dimenthorn)
3.Kau Pantas Binasa
4.Progress for Revival
5.The World Under Terror (feat Boy Dead Vertical)
6.Tentara Mayat (feat Baken Siksa Kubur)
7.Intelektual Frontal
8.Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog (Dying Fetus Cover) (feat Vera Ex-Dimenthorn)
9.Brainwashed by DB Digital Syndrome (DJ Dubali Beat)
10.Slave New World (Sepultura Cover) (feat Boy Dead Vertical)
11.Progress For Revival (Demo Version)
12.Journey to the End of the World
13.Tentara Mayat (Instrumental)
14.Selamat Datang Akhir Dunia (Live)

For fans of Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse.

Bring You to The New Era With Complexity
Source wave of sickness tone
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