HELLSKUAD "Liege of Inveracity" Tapes

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Band : Hellskuad
Location : Cimanggis, Indonesia
Genre : Slamming Death Metal
Title : Liege Of Inveracity
Release Date : March 24th, 2015

1.Sickest voices on Schizoprenia Heads
2.Deserve to die (buried)
3.Melawan Kematian
4.Lust to kill
5.Karnivora Dari Neraka
6.Pleasure in Desperation
7.Laley de plomo (brujeria cover)
8.retorika kebiadaban
9.Splattering blood on your wall
10.Destroy everything (Hatebreed cover)
11.kembali menjadi tanah
12.Bonus tracks

For fans of Dying Fetus, Devourment, Cannibal Corpse till Hatebreed!

Bring You to The New Era With Complexity
Source Wave of Sickness Tone
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