KILLER OF GODS "Mental Retardation Force" Tapes

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Album Description EBRCSST004

Band : Killer of Gods
Location : Semarang, Indonesia
Genre : Technical Death Metal
Title : Mental Retardation Force
Release Date : May 24th, 2016

1. Death Ideologist
2. Intelegent Brain Crisis
3. Slave Stupidity
4. The Forgotten Element of Experimental
. Birth Defect
6. Mental Retardation Force
7. The Mysteries of Outer Space
8. Premature
9. The Power of The Moon
10. Outro (Silence in The Soul)

For fans of The Faceless, Fallujah till Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Bring You to The New Era With Complexity
Source Wave of Sickness Tone
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