VIETNAM ROSE "Darkness Side" CD

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Album Description EBRCD016

Band : Vietnam Rose

Location : Bekasi, Indonesia
Genre : Technical Melodic Death Metal
Title : Darkness Side
Release Date : April 29th 2021

1. Prelude Gate
2. Rhymes For The Insults
3. The Heretic
4. The Hatred
5. Tiranny
6. Griffint
7. Quietus
8. Darkness Side
9. The Splinters of Sins And Hell
10. Impersonate of The Wicked
11. Next Day Survivor
12. Closuresurrection

"Darkness Side"is composed of a melodic musical structure, dazzling duel riffs with epic finishes and unpredictable plot. They really did the deepening of this album in terms of selecting the riffs and grooves for the songs. Compounding a brilliant guitar solo composition and much more on this album!.

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Released on April 29th, 2021

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