ORBITAL ELEMENT "Celestials Damage" Digipack

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Album Description EBRCD017

Band : Orbital Element
Location : Kediri, Indonesia
Genre : Technical / Progressive Death Metal
Title : Celestials Damage
Release Date : May 30th 2021

1. Orbital Ends
2. Bolide Fragments
3. Spectroscopy Stratosphere
4. Celestials Damage
5. Ugrha Pancamahabutha Eclipse
6. Regolith Chrominished
7. Astrophysics of Falaqyah
8. ... And Universe Will be Annihilation

"Celestials Damage" It was a long wait from a band's career to release
a very complex first debut album. Orbital Element demonstrates
a mixtures of technical and progressive death metal with some ethnic touches.
With thrilling guitar riffs and mind-blowing solos, This album will be a great choice for you fans of intricate death metal!

Bring You To The New Era With Complexity
Source Wave of Sickness Tone
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